Kohn Kaen We continue our travels to Kohn Kaen, which is the largest city in Isaan. It is metropolitan but still has a lot of charm.
Dtaw's sister lives here and he spends an evening with his family. We wander a little around town and enjoy a tasty burger for dinner. The next day Dtaw said we missed out on a delicious meal of various fish delicacies including one with insect sauce. We'll just have to go back!

Rickshaws take a break.

1200-year-old chedi of Wat Neua, which has a unique, square style.

Young Monk studying at the Wat. Almost all Thai men become monks at some point in their lives.

Picturesque view from Wat Neua.

Elephants are still a part of life, even in the city.

School kids love dinosaurs here too. The region outside Kohn Kaen is famous for fossils.

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